Our Work


Siemens Corporation has implemented the Dantex Group Platform so that their B2B sales team uses a virtual hospital to improve the communication of its portfolio of solutions and services for this vertical sector.


To optimize marketing and communication actions through its corporate website, the Fujitsu Corporation has implemented our Platform to increase retention of their client base by providing an engaging, visual and didactic explanation of its solutions for the financial industry.


As a telecommunications operator, right in the middle of a global pandemic, Euskaltel was able to maintain its communication remotely and at the same time effectively with its stakeholders. This was thanks to the Dantex Platform that emotionally transfers the user with experiences that are similar to those they can have in the real world, without having to be physically in it.


Despite the fact that most of the projects we carry out are based on ideal virtual environments, many of which do not exist, there are times when carrying out a digital twin allows internal communication actions (training, on-boarding, etc.) to be carried out remotely but effective at the same time.


The interactive 3D Smart City presentation allows the Germany-based Corporation to showcase their portfolio of construction materials, visually segmented by each specific industry. The project is being used both for external and internal communication across twelve countries in Europe with their specific languages and local product offering.


Training and onboarding franchisees from large restaurant chains can be difficult due to the complexity of their operations. 3D Virtual Environments can help franchisees learn the different aspects of running a their restaurants more efficiently.

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