About Us


Jordi Negre

CEO & Founder

With more than 25 years of experience, Jordi has developed his professional career with companies such as Panasonic, BT, World Online and Deutsche Bank, leading global business development teams.


In 2002 Jordi decided to bet on his own business project, founding Dantex Group.


+ 34 629 819 674



Luis Cardona

Director of Operations

With more than 20 years of experience in Project Management and Financials, in year 2006 Luis takes the decision of joining Dantex Group to lead the Operations Area.


His main role is to manage the operational, technical and financial resources to run the company in the most efficient conditions, both for our clients.


+ 34 615 012 075



James Joslin

Managing Partner

With more than 10 years’ experience in Digital Media and Advertising, James spent much of his career at The New York Times. He also has experience working for leading Media Agencies and Headhunting firms in London.


James leads operations in the UK market for Dantex Group helping clients to prosper in the Digital Transformation Process.


+ 44 (0) 7872456467



Paula Silvestre

Chief Marketing Officer

Paula is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of the company’s marketing initiatives.


At the same time, her strategic mission is to establish partnerships with local companies at an international level.


+ 34 608 061 400



Hristina Milojevic

Business Development Manager

Specializing in project management, Hristina developed and executed projects for companies from different industries, ultimately choosing to focus on technology and innovation.


She is responsible for the indirect worldwide expansion of Dantex Group through business partners.


+ 34 655 922 998



Inga Sergejenko

Business Development Manager

For more than 11 years Inga has been working with different communications, events and recruitment projects. She recently decided to move to a business development area and use her skills and knowledge to help companies grow their businesses faster and more efficiently.


She is responsible to expand the usage our 3D Virtual Platform for companies that organize events, fairs and congresses at a worldwide level.


+ 34 603 213 374



Samaher Al-Hadheri

Business Partner

Samaher has a diverse experience ranging from marketing to managing project operations in diplomatic organs and international organizations.


Her responsibility ranges from connecting clients to the innovative and technological solutions offered by Dantex Group and managing the implementation of our projects in Europe.


+ 33 769 648 314



Ziad Burhani

Business Partner

Ziad has and extensive experience in operations and business development.


His background includes engineering and management, which has helped him to balance the logic of data with the human side of personal relationships.


He is responsible for the expansion of Dantex Group to the Middle East and Gulf countries by building long-term business relationships.


+ 971 566009639