We are facing a profound business transformation, due to emerging technologies that allow us to optimize the evolution of any business. No sector of economic activity is exempt from risks and opportunities derived from the fourth industrial revolution. We can remember business cases like Kodak, who didn´t adapt to the innovative opportunities that technology allowed them, or Amazon, now worth more than double in stock market than its traditional rival, Walmart.

In Dantex Group we have been helping national and international companies for more than 15 years, improving their business development activites through the intelligent use of technology.

We have recently created a methodology to help companies in our environment based on what is now known as Digital Transformation. Our target is an strategic one and with a transversal approach, which affects the overall management of the company, and which is eminently practical and with measurable results.

We are not talking about just digital marketing or implementing technology. Our goal is to optimize the profit and loss account and guarantee a more solid future through innovative technical trends that will allow you to be more efficient throughout the whole value chain.